Revealing the perception of outdoor advertising
Results of qualitative research KANTAR TNS Central Asia


  • Agency
    KANTAR TNS Central Asia
  • Geography
  • Methodology and sampling
    3 focus groups
    8 in-depth interviews with eye-tracker
  • Target audience
    Gender: men / women
    Age: 18-50 years old
    Residents of Almaty
  • Goals
    To study the consumer behavior of the outdoor advertising audience
  • Objectives

    General perception

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Evaluation of contact duration

    Identification of "hot" and "cold" zones on structures

  • Methodology
    In-depth interviews using Eye tracker
Eye tracker
Eye tracker is used to build visual paths and identify areas of attracting and not attracting attention on the monitor screen or other objects. It also allows you to test and evaluate images, concepts, packaging, websites and virtual shelves


  • The heatmap allows you to summarize a large amount of data
  • Shows the most interesting and eye-catching areas in images and video


Perception of outdoor advertising
  • Overall perception

    • Eye-catching
    • Informative
    • Bright and memorable information
    • Convenient backlight
    • Up-to-date information (events in the city, opening of new boutiques/cafes, promotions in stores, etc.)
  • Advantages

    • Large size (all information is visible)
    • Attractive presentation of information (colorful images)
  • Disadvantages

    • Frequently changed of information
  • Overall perception

    • Low visibility structures
    • Small scale / difficulty to see information in detail
    • Disadvantage for car owners - opportunity to miss information in traffic
  • Advantages

    • The presence of several information blocks
    • The presence of social advertising
  • Disadvantages

    • Inconvenient presentation of information, small format
    • If there are more than three blocks of information - the need to wait for the right block
  • Overall perception

    • Eye-catching
    • The information is conveniently located: the navigation block is visible from afar
    • "Live" advertising - looks interesting, unusual
  • Advantages

    • Contemporary
    • Enriched with relevant and useful information (navigation and information blocks)
    • Entertaining
  • Disadvantages

    • Incomplete coverage of the city

Comparison of three types of outdoor advertising

Respondents rated three types of outdoor advertising (billboard, cityboard and mediaboard) according to several factors: design, informativeness, visibility, attractiveness and modernity on a ten-point scale, where 1 is complete non-compliance with the characteristic and 10 is complete compliance.

Respondents' perception of different formats of outdoor advertising media
Billboards are informative and colorful, but not original or modern. The monotony of the ads and the infrequent change of messages were noted. The majority of respondents believe that billboards are best suited for advertising events in the city, such as movie novelties, promotions and sales in stores, as well as the opening of new shopping malls, boutiques and cafes.

Cityboards are inconspicuous, faded, and uncomfortable for conveying information. They are not original or modern and have a negative impact on the appearance of the city (dirty glass and ads on the base). Cityboards are not attractive for advertising.

Mediaboards are perceived as bright, eye-catching and relevant. They give the city a modern look and improve navigation. Mediaboards are suitable for advertising new movies, cultural and sporting events, as well as expensive goods. Some respondents expressed a negative attitude towards the complete disappearance of the navigation and information parts in some commercials.

In comparison with cityboards and billboards, the mediaboards are leading in all characteristics.


Navigation Block

  • Convenient location (at the very top)
  • Catchy (green/red background)
  • Large and readable font
  • Easy to navigate the city (for both residents and visitors)

Information Block

  • Ability to know the exact time
  • Up-to-date weather forecast and currency exchange rates
  • High trust in the information, because the information is automatically generated

Advertising Block

  • Eye-catching
  • Interesting and dynamic
  • Brief presentation of information
  • Original and unique
  • Modern and creative
The heatmap shows that attention is immediately drawn to the media board and consistently explores the information presented on the board. When information blocks are hidden, attention shifts to the surrounding objects, and when it appears again, focus returns to the mediaboard.
When the car is moving, the heat map shows that attention is first focused on the road. However, when passing the first media board, attention shifts to it, and then heads more purposefully to the next media board. The gaze map confirms that after contact with the first media board, respondents anticipate the second with more focused attention.
According to the results of the third clip, the heatmap shows that respondents' attention is focused on the media board with each frame change. When the information is read, attention dissipates, but immediately returns to the media board when it picks up motion on it.
Perception of navigation/information blocks
The navigation and information block are perceived positively, and respondents noted that knowing the location of media boards, they try to consider this information in advance.

Navigation unit

Positive perception:
  • Convenient location (at the very top)
  • Catchy (green/red background)
  • Large and readable font
  • Easy to navigate the city (for both residents and visitors)

"I live in the lower part of the city, and when I drive along Al-Farabi, I don't always know where the turn is, in this respect, media boards are very convenient" (18-24 years old, male).

"I like it when the information comes up that the CES or mall is so many meters away, and I look at the scores to see how congested the roads are ahead" (36-50 years old, female).

Information block

Positive perception:
Ability to know the exact time
Up-to-date weather forecast and currency exchange rates
High trust in the information, because the information is automatically generated.

"On billboards the information has to be changed manually, and therefore it is not always up to date, but on media boards it is updated, as I think, every minute. That's why I said I trust them more" (25-35 years old, male).

"I always look at the weather and time, regardless of whether I drive myself or go with my husband. It's very convenient that such media boards appeared in our city, I would like to have one near my house" (25-35 years old, female).
Perception of advertising blocks
Advertising blocks are perceived positively: as catchy, eye-catching, conveniently presenting information (concisely and concretely).

Advertising blocks

Positive perception:
  • Attracts the eye
  • Interesting and dynamic videos
  • Condensed presentation of information
  • Original and unique presentation (Blue Magic effect)
  • Ads are perceived as: modern, creative and in step with the times

"The information on the media boards is readable and convenient so safety for driving is maintained" (25-35 years old, male).

"I think that on media boards advertise only verified and quality products, it is clear that such creative advertising is more expensive than on billboards, so the level of confidence is higher to it" (36-50 years old, male).